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Here Is What The InstaJacker Can Do:

  • Total Stealth Mode - Your Visitors Will Never Know They Wore Jacked
  • Ignore Traffic From Countries of Your Choosing
  • Get Unlimited Followers To Any Of Your Instagram Profiles
  • Control The Number of Followers You Get Daily To Stay Below Instagrams Radar
  • Works With Both Web and Mobile Browser Traffic


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What does The Instagram Follow Jacker Plugin do?

  • Simply put, the Insta jacker plugin is one of the most advanced plugins on the market that will instantly turn your website visitors into instagram followers.
  • The plugin jacks Followers to an Instagram Profile from the Traffic That your site is getting.
  • The follow jacking process uses a stealth pop up box with text or image of your choosing.
  • When the visitor clicks to close the pop up his instagram account gets follow jacked.
  • And you are done! You can start marketing to your newly created followers base.

The first time I installed the Insta Jacker, I was a little wary and was not sure how many new followers I would get if any. Turns out I was very wrong! I ended up pulling in a few thousand new Insta followers overnight that I am sure will turn into higher revenue for my t-shirt brand! Perfect!

Cory Cory
Social Fashion Marketer

Just Take a Look at The Results Some Of Our Customers Achieved In A Matter Of Days

The Insta Jacker At Work!

If you are dedicated to growing your Insta but having difficuluty even when you are posting every single day, the Insta Jacker can grow your social profile by thousands of followers with very little work required.

What Else Makes The Insta Jacker The Best On The Market?

  • 1

    Never Buy Fake Followers Again

    Fake Followers Never Made Anyone Money! Forget about pumping your account with low quality untargeted or even bot followers to whom you cannot market. With The instagram follow jacker you get the real deal.High quality extermly targeted real people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

  • 2

    Gain Followers To Any Instagram Account

    Yep you heard that right. With the Instagram follow Jacker you jack followers to any account of your choosing there are not limits and no recurring fees.

  • 3

    Forget About Expensive Tools And Follow/Unfollow Limits

    Tired of using various software to grow your instagram profiles by following people in hopes that some of them might follow you back just to see that you have been blocked on instagram on the next day? The Follow jacker is a perfect solution to your troubles.

  • 4

    Only Jack Geo Relevant Locations

    If you have a site pertaining to the USA, it would not make much sense to have a fan base of all foreign nations, would it? You have complete control to pick what countries you want to jack and which you want to completely ignore. If your likes come mainly from Tier 1 countries (USA), your page will be worth a lot more if you sell it in the future, and will make you MORE money when pushing offers.

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Free updates for life - For use on up to 10 sites

Instagram Follow Jacker Lite

Get Pro

Free updates for life - For use on unlimited sites

Instagram Follow Jacker Pro

Made It This Far? Read Our FAQs

Is The Insta Jacker Easy To Use?. +

This plugin is extremely easy to use! Simply download it, upload it to your WordPress site, activate it, fill your profile information and you are done. The plugin will handle the rest.

Is This Legal? +

Of course this plugin is legal, or else we would not be in the business of selling it. That being said, the social platforms do not want you using these because it may not work with their terms of services. There is nothing illegal about using it and this is the reason we give you complete control over the plugin to make your pages as safe as possible.

Is This Plugin Adsense Safe? +

Yes, this plugin is Adsense safe. You are not interfering with clicking on an Adsense ad at all.

Does This Plugin Work With Non-WordPress Sites? +

No it does not. This is a WordPress plugin. To use this plugin you MUST have a self hosted WordPress site that you control -- meaning you have web hosting and your own domain name. It will only work on Self Hosted Sites on WordPress so please keep that in mind before purchasing.

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